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BorgWarner Cadillac Makes an Electric Vehicle Part for the First Time

BorgWarner has been working on an electric vehicle part for three years, and now it’s being made at their Cadillac plant.

BorgWarner hopes their new part will make it more practical for people to drive electric.

“We make high voltage coolant heaters,” said Hari Kumar, Plant Manager at BorgWarner Cadillac plant. “The purpose of the product is to maintain the battery temperature for electric vehicles as well as to provide cabin heating.”

All in all, the part makes electric vehicle batteries more efficient.

“We are discussing similar products like this for commercial vehicles, like trucks,” said Kumar.

The new part also means they need more workers.

“We’re going to have positions at all levels. So we’ll have some entry-level positions, machining, technicians, maintenance, and then we’ll have some of the professional positions as well,” explained Shelley Hurrell, Human Resource Manager at BorgWarner Cadillac Plant.

The plant plans to hire 70 people in the next six months.

“It will definitely bring growth to our community, diversity, and stability from a job and economic perspective,” said Hurrell.

The Cadillac plant is the only BorgWarner plant in North America manufacturing the coolant heater.

If you’re interested in working at BorgWarner, you can Send a letter of interest or inquiries to or call 231-779-7518.

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