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Campaign: Death Threat Sent to Dr. Bob Lorinser Prior to Hosting Antrim County Event

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The Campaign of Dr. Bob Lorinser, a candidate for US Congress in Michigan’s 1st District, says Lorinser was sent a death threat.

The campaign says they received a text message reply on Sept. 22 to an event invitation in Elk Rapids. The sender said they were going to assassinate Lorinser during the event the moment he exits his vehicle.

The Lorinser campaign says it has reported the threat to local law enforcement and the FBI and that an investigation is underway.

“I want to thank law enforcement for responding,” Lorinser said in a statement. “Authorities should always take these matters seriously to ensure the public’s safety. I’m confident the police will handle the situation properly. Fortunately, this threat is not indicative of the warm reception we receive across the state. It isn’t who we are as Northern Michiganders. The campaign will fearlessly move forward.”

To see our updated story, including an interview with Lorinser and reaction from opponent Jack Bergman, .

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