State Department: Hand Delivered Election Results Was Planned

The primary election was the first major statewide election since November 2020, with thousands of people still questioning the legitimacy.

The Secretary of State’s office reports Primary Day went on with very few issues but questions arose when results in Wayne County were delayed due to clerks having to hand deliver results to the county clerk.Sec O State Recap Vsv 8 3 2200 00 39 05still001

Previously modems were used to transmit the results but now they are outdated. Early reports made it sound like an issue discovered last night but in fact was a planned move for months.

“Counties have been phasing out those modems on different schedules because of their specific voting system configurations and county needs,” said Tracy Wimmer, spokeswoman for the State Department, “For example all 65 counties that used Dominion Voting Systems no longer use the modem. Wayne County was one of the counties involved but many of the counties were not using them in May either, obviously that was a much smaller election.”

The only primary election with a larger turnout was 2018. Unlike this year, 2018 had competitive races at the top of the ticket on both sides.

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