Peace Ranch and Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center Teaming Up to Help Sexual Assault Survivors

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and Peace Ranch in Traverse City has teamed up with the Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center to help sexual assault survivors.

Cac Peace Ranch 1The center has helped more than 3,000 kids with free counseling since opening their doors in 2010.

Peace Ranch seemed like a great way to help kids in a different way—equine therapy.

“The horses that come to Peace Ranch are horses that have had trauma themselves and many of them are not ridable, but this is a wonderful job for them, its a way to give back in the community,” says Executive Director of Peace Ranch Jackie Kaschel.

She says it’s about finding where both you and the horse feel safe.

Survivors will have the chance to build trust and feelings of safety, while connecting with the horses on an emotional level.

“The back and forth between the horse and the individual sort of does that really hard work of processing for them and so it doesn’t require saying the words, retelling the story of the trauma, but it allows for healing nonetheless,” says Director of Clinical Services at TBCAC Elizabeth Carrillo.

Both groups say they are excited to give more people a chance to heal and connect with horses.Cac Peace Ranch 2

To learn more about the services at Peace Ranch visit here.

To schedule a meeting with the Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center, visit here.