Good Reads for the Spooky Season

Many great horror flicks once started out as a book or short story. This is why October is the perfect time to head to your local library to ‘check out’ their ghosts, globins, ghouls, and good reads.81qzyrv48l Here are some scary stories the youth librarian at the Houghton Lake Public Library, Kiel Stevens picked out for the spooky season.

Gustavo the Shy Ghost by Flavia Drago (Picturebook)– Gustavo, as the title suggests, is a very shy little ghost.  He wants to be friends with the other monsters in town, but can never work up the courage to speak to them.  He absolutely loves playing the violin, and decides that with the Day of the Dead coming up, he will have a concert and invite all the other monster children to hear him play.  Absolutely ADORABLE story that gets me right in the feels! Incorporates some diversity as well which is a great opportunity to teach children about a cultural holiday.

Into the Never Woods by Aiden Thomas (Young Adult) – A spin on peter pan.  5 years ago Wendy Darling and her brothers John and Michael disappeared in the woods. 6 months later, only Wendy returned,  her hands covered in her brother’s blood, but she has no memory of what happened. Now, kids are disappearing again, and Wendy, now 18, finds an unconscious boy (Peter) in the middle of the road.  Peter, who she has never met but looks just like how she imagined a character from her childhood stories, says that if Wendy doesn’t help him, the missing children will meet the same fate as her brothers.  Just the right amount of creepy for this time of year. A fast paced plot that sucks you into a new take on an old favorite- twists on fairytales has been a big trend in YA for the past few years.

The Final Girls Support Group by Grady Hendrix  (Adult) – final girls are the girls left standing at the end of a horror movie. Lynette is a real-life final girl.  She was part of a mass killing 22 years ago, and it has defined her life ever since.  She rarely goes out of her apartment except for group therapy where she meets with the small group of other final girls.  But someone has found out about the group and is now trying to take out the final girls. Whoever is trying to kill them though seems to have forgotten what final girls are known for – they keep fighting, they don’t give up, and they find a way to survive. Fast-paced, fun, horror/mystery/thriller with just enough cheeky references to classic horror franchises.  Perfect for Halloween and horror movie lovers.

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