National Writer’s Series Hosts Event Discussing Events In Afghanistan

The City Opera House in downtown Traverse City hosted an event Thursday about the events in Afghanistan.

Hosted by the National Writer’s Series, locals joined in on the discussion and it was streamed online.

Speakers included diplomats, women’s rights activists and a former intelligence officer.

The event covered the history along with the global and local impact of the events.

9&10 News also got the opportunity to speak with a man who is originally from Afghanistan, and has lived in the United States for nine years.

He expressed the importance of staying educated on the topic.

“There are people out there that just want to live their daily lives,” said Edris Fana, a citizen of Afghanistan. “They don’t want to do anything about the war and it’s the unfortunate cost that all Afghans have to just go in different countries to just follow their dreams. All my family is there and, it’s home sweet home.”

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