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Great Lakes PFAS Action Network Launches Community Coaltion

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Michigan communities across the state are banding together to further education about PFAS contamination.

Affected communities have formed the Great Lakes PFAS Action Network.

Their goal is to connect towns across the state struggling with contamination by telling them what resources are available.

On Thursday, they announced the launch of their coalition.

Great Lakes PFAS Action Network Co-Chair, Tony Spaniola, says their coalition want to hold policy makers accountable for the work needed to fix the more than 11,000 possible contamination sites in the state.

 “Over the next months, we will be developing a policy agenda for PFAS that is informed and built by the communities that are impacted to address this crisis,” said Spaniola. “It is absolutely essential to have impacted communities at the table and at the forefront of discussions.”

For now, the Great Lakes PFAS Action Network team is helping to educate those with contamination about what their next steps should be.

If you are among those impacted, you can visit the coalition’s website,

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