Evart Looks to Become More “Walkable”

The City of Evart has a new project on its hands after teaming up with Michigan State University.

The Downtown Development Authority says the projects aims to make the city more “walkable.” The city is looking to connect the downtown area to other resources in Evart, like the Muskegon River and the fairgrounds.

“One of the things they’re supposed to be addressing here is giving some ways to connect our areas south of US-10, which is where Riverside Park, the splash pad, skate park – those things are located,” said Alan Bengry, owner of Holihan’s Drug Store and member of the Evart DDA. “With the areas north of town, which is where the primary business district is.”

“I think that the city is in a great position right now,” added Evart City Manager Sarah Dvoracek. “We’ve just got a lot of different projects going on and there’s a lot of energy right now.

“We had approximately thirty people at the community engagement meeting. The responses were great. I think people are excited.”

The project is fully-funded by grants from Mid-Michigan Community Credit Union and the Osceola County Community Foundation.

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