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Cancer Shouldn’t Be A Child’s Kryptonite, Arm Them With An Elliot Superhero Robe!

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A hero is someone who fights for a cause — a superhero is someone who does that AND empowers others when they might not be feeling their best.

Each year many children go through intense hospital treatments and surgeries for cancer, and other serious conditions. They’re given a not-so-cute hospital gown to wear during their stay that really isn’t very functional.

Allison Schickel, the CEO and founder of , is someone who wanted to make recovery and treatments a little easier, and honestly, to bring a smile to a child’s face! She has created a robe for kids to feel like a real life superhero while they’re going through a rough time at the hospital.

The robe comes with two superhero capes, two matching doctors hats, and two blue superhero eye masks! The material of the robe and eye masks is made out of comfy anti-microbial fiber and contains no metal, so MRI’s are less stressful. It has extra pockets for cords, monitors and drains, and snaps on the sleeves and collar bone so that nurses and doctors can access IV’s and conduct exams with ease.

Not only is Schikel making children’s robes, but she has also created robes for women facing breast cancer recovery and Mommy Brobe for pregnant and nursing mothers.

A true inspiration, Schickel says, “I wanted to focus on the healing, not the sickness.”

is partnering with children’s hospitals across the country to provide functioning comfort during treatments. Donations can be made each month and in any amount, and will be used to send robes to hospitals.

To make a donation and support a child’s cancer journey, please .


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