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Rep. Daire Rendon Of Lake City Releases Statement Following The Latest Election Report

On Wednesday, the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee released a report announcing they did not find any evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election

On Saturday, State Rep. Daire Rendon, of Lake City, released the following statement in response to the Senate Oversight Committee’s election report:

“I have read and considered the June 23 report titled ‘Report on the November 2020 Election in Michigan’ from the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee.

“The Michigan Senate Oversight Committee concluded their investigation without examining appropriate evidence, expert reports or requesting testimony from qualified experts. The report concludes that there was “no widespread or systematic fraud in Michigan’s execution of the 2020 election.” And yet, the Oversight Committee Chair stated in his executive summary that “this investigation should not be considered exhaustive” and that “every possible investigative avenue was not undertaken.”

“I am in receipt of evidence reflecting systematic election fraud in Michigan that occurred in the November 2020 election.

“Many Michigan voters believe that the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee’s conclusion was formed without a proper investigation, and so I encourage attorneys in Michigan and beyond to pursue legal avenues that will reveal truth and transparency to the citizens of the United States.”

 This is the first time since the November 2020 election that Rep. Rendon has spoke about having evidence of voter fraud, she has not gone into any detail about what what so-called evidence she may have.

There has been hundreds of election audits in the nearly 8 months since the election, they have all come back saying the 2020 election was fair and accurate.

For more information on the Senate Oversight Committee’s election report, click .

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