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Front Street In Traverse City To Remain Open As Restaurant Restrictions Are Lifted

Restrictions are now lifted for restaurants after a year and a half of adapting.

Front Street had been shut down last year to allow pedestrians to have free roam of the downtown corridor.

Restaurants along that stretch were allowed to have outdoor seating due to the indoor restrictions.

Front Street will remain open this year due to multiple ongoing construction projects.

At Monday’s Traverse City Commissioners meeting, they decided to keep allowing restaurants to have outdoor seating, but set new rules.

This includes waste management rules stating garbage from the restaurants can’t be put in a public waste disposal system.

“It’s just going to be like a snowball effect of people now and more and more people are just going to be coming out compared to other summers because everyone’s been pent up for so long,” said —-. “It’s definitely random, but it is busy.”

Outdoor dining continues to be popular even with restrictions lifting.

Greenhouses and igloos for restaurants will also be allowed from Nov. 1 to Apr. 1.

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