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Mackinaw City Hotel Employee Has Heated Exchange with Customer

Jennifer Biela was planning on taking her kids to Mackinac Island on April 10, but after the toilet in her room at the Crown Choice Inn in Mackinaw City flooded the bathroom the night before, she was kicked out by an employee. 

She posted a video of the incident where the employee could be heard calling here a “dumb democrat” and an “idiot.”

“I was shocked. I was stunned,” said Biela. “I thought I was going to go down and he would say ‘oh I’ll send maintenance up and here let’s get you another room’, and instead it turned into this insane situation.” 

Owner of the Crown Choice Inn and several other hotels in Mackinaw City Enzo Lieghio said the employee has been suspended from his position. 

“He’s been with us for 25 years,” said Lieghio. “He is a cousin of ours, but that doesn’t mean anybody can do whatever they want. Right now we have mandated that he go through some customer service classes.” 

The hotel issued an apology to Biela earlier today, and offered Biela and her family a free stay, but she isn’t sure that would be a good idea. 

“I’m so sorry that certain individuals are causing certain issues and harming the reputation, but I wouldn’t be able to do that to my kids,” said Biela. 

Biela added she originally posted the video to try and warn people about the service she received, but didn’t expect it to reach the audience it has.

Lieghio says he hopes this incident doesn’t shine a negative light on the city. 

“We would hope that people would continue to return to Mackinaw City and this doesn’t tarnish the great reputation Mackinaw City has had for so many years that even our family has helped build,” said Lieghio. 

The employee in the video originally threatened to press charges against Biela, but the prosecutor threw them out. 

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