Majority of Michigan School Employees Fully Vaccinated for COVID-19

A recent Michigan Education Association survey shows that nearly 90% of Michigan school employees are either fully or in process of being vaccinated against COVID-19.

The survey was completed by more than 22,000 MEA members.

Beyond the 82.3% who report being fully vaccinated, some educators are still in the vaccination process – 3.6% having received the first of two Pfizer or Moderna shots and another 0.6% having their first shot scheduled. Another 1.2% still plan to receive the vaccine, with only 7.4% choosing not to be vaccinated and 4.7% unsure.

In a statement, the MEA said:

“These numbers are a testament to the success of Governor Whitmer prioritizing school employees to receive the vaccine. That decision in early January was essential to providing more in-person learning opportunities for students. MEA thanks Governor Whitmer for her leadership nationally in getting the vaccine rolled out to front-line workers like our members.”

In a survey conducted by the National Education Association, nearly half of all educators across the country had received at least one vaccine shot.

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