Munson Healthcare Limiting Access Due To Community Surge In Cases and Hospitalizations

03 28 21 Munson Limits

Munson Healthcare says the spike in coronavirus cases is forcing them to limit visitor access to healthcare facilities. They will begin limiting access starting Monday.

Munson says their hospitalizations have doubled over the past two weeks.

Chief Medical Officer Christine Nefcy says the changes are necessary to, “ensure the safety of patients and staff as the virus and its variants impact the region and spring break travel increases spread risk. ”

However, there are some exceptions to the new limitations.

Obstetrics patients are allowed one birthing partner or support person and one certified doula. Hospitalized obstetric patients with a positive COVID diagnosis are allowed on visitor with protective equipment. For first ultrasound of new pregnancy, one support person is allowed.

Pediatric patients who are 21-years-old and younger can have one adult caregiver at a time. These include a parent, a foster parent or a guardian. Additionally, Munson states they strongly prefer that the caregiver is the same for the duration of the patient’s stay, or visit in outpatient settings. Furthermore, Munson says if a NICU patient is a multiple and their sibling (twin, triplet, etc.) is not a NICU patient, the sibling must stay with the primary guardian. No other siblings under the age of 18 may visit pediatric patients.

Munson states patients are allowed to have one support person if the person is essential to their care or is medically necessary. This includes if the patient has intellectual or developmental disabilities, cognitive impairments such as dementia, or behavioral concerns.

End of life patients are allowed to have four visitors a day, but only two at a time. Munson states visitors must maintain social distancing with members of the healthcare team, and visitors for end of life patients may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Visitors for patients with a positive COVID diagnosis must wear protective gear.

Munson states that patients are allowed one visit from a spiritual advisor of their choosing. They also say personnel from law enforcement, adult protective services, interpreters and other groups are allowed one visit at a time.

Approved visitors will be required to do the following: answer COVID-19 screening questions about current health, provide name and phone number for contact tracing purposes, and wear MHC-issued masks provided by the facility.

Munson also state visitors must go directly to and from the patient’s room or to and from their appointment, maintain social distancing with members of the healthcare team at all times, and must wash hands or use sanitizer before and after leaving rooms as well as the facility.

Overnight stays are limited to obstetrics, pediatrics and extenuating circumstances approved by their care team. Waiting rooms will not be open to visitors during this time.

To read the full statement from Munson Healthcare, click here.


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