Tech on Tuesday: Best Practices for Working or Schooling From Home

When working or schooling from home is your only option, it may a good time to rethink your workflow and workspace. In this Tech on Tuesday, we get tips and tricks from a tech expert on how Pexels Rfstudio 3059747to develop your own “best practices”.

Jared Coseglia, the founder and CEO of TRU Staffing Partners is the epitome of efficiency. His company has made “working from home” work for more than 10 years, and will continue to do so until it no longer “works”.

Coseglia has encountered some hurdles over the years, however, including keeping work-life separated from personal-life. “I always tell my employees, you need to have a designated work area,” advises Coseglia. “You have to have a fully dedicated space in your house that is for work for nothing but work. Keep that separation within the home”.

He also mentioned that devices needed to be separate as well. You do not want your child to do school work and internet surfing on the same computer you work on. There are lots of problems that can occur including viruses or the deletion of important files.

For those who do not have the luxury of having a designated space or device, Coseglia recommends a work schedule for everyone in the house. “Make a chart. Say ‘this is when you’re getting what devices and when – and this is when I’m having that watercooler moment with a colleague’. Working from home means scheduling and organizing almost to a point that seems ridiculous”.

Staying social with your co-workers/students is also an important factor in the success of working from home. “It helps keep the comradery amongst peers and boosts productivity,” says Coseglia.

Now that technology is being used more in the home, that leaves the issue of privacy. Children and their parents are joining virtual meetings on a daily bases, and those platforms can lead to unwanted exposure. “Developing good Home Security ‘best practices’ – like not exposing the camera, making sure your virus software is up to date, understanding what the protections are on your Wi-Fi, changing your passwords, often and frequently”.

For more information about Jared Coseglia, and TRU Staffing Partners, click here.

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