Artist Profile: Don Paone

We examine the artworks of an Onekama oil painter, Don Paone. From landscapes to landmarks, we find out where he got his start and the inspiration behind the brush strokes in this ‘Artist Don Paone Artist ProfileProfile’. 

Who are you?

“My name is Don Paone. I’m originally from New Jersey – but I’ve lived here for about 26 years now.”

What was your inspiration?

“I know that I really never considered myself artistic. It was recommended by a friend who used it as a form of therapy. It really helped me a lot, and has continued to help me now for over 20 years.”

What is your favorite medium?
“I mostly work with acrylic on canvas. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with clay.”

What do you want people to take away from your art?

“I hope that people are touched by my work.  A lot of my work is beach scenes – and eople love coming up here to the beach. I hope that they’re touched in the same way that I am with peace and serenity when they look at my painting.”

For more information about Don Paone, and his artwork – click here.

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