Traverse City’s TentCraft Thriving Thanks to PPP and Business Making Medical Tents, Equipment

A Traverse City business was facing devastating losses at the beginning of the pandemic.

Now, they’re not only surviving, but thriving.

TentCraft is a local business that makes custom tents for national brands and events. They create customized marketing products for concerts, festivals, sports and more.

When all those events got canceled due to the pandemic, their income went out the door with it. Leadership considered massive pay cuts and 50% layoffs.

Thankfully, they got help from the paycheck protection program and were able to retain 70 employees.

They adapted their business, and now, they’re making medical tents. They’ve pumped out hundreds of products for healthcare systems around the country, including hospital tents, isolation tents, COVID-19 screening tents and partitions.

Their CEO is thankful to be doing a little better than before.

“Our event marketing went to zero and our medical has basically filled the hole. So year over year, we’re trending about where we were last year, maybe a little ahead but it could’ve been a zero. There’s no Taylor Swift concerts, there’s no college sports happening right now…it could’ve been dire,” said CEO Matt Bulloch.

With flu season on its way, they expect to be busy making more tents for hospitals to use to keep space available inside for coronavirus patients.

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