VanDrie Home Furnishings Frontline Health Worker Giveaway

The incredible circumstances we are all facing right now is no doubt something we’d never imagine. Even more than that, the health workers and first responders who are tasked with the jobs to keep us safe and healthy, and heal the sick are outstanding. That’s why VanDrie Home Furnishings is supporting those who support us with a huge giveaway!

Beginning Friday, May 1st, 9&10 News and VanDrie Home Furnishings is accepting nominations for a health worker or first responder to receive a $1,000 gift certificate to VanDrie Home Furnishings!

1 winner will be selected each week day beginning Wednesday, May 6th and ending Thursday, May 14th. A total of 7 health workers who are on the frontlines fighting this pandemic are receiving a chance to spice up their space! Winners will be announced on ‘the four’.

—This sweepstakes has ended—

Thank you Northern Michigan for your amazing responses. View the winners here and the kind nominations that were sent to 9&10 News on their behalf!

5/6 Day 1 Winner: Erin Crowther


Erin is a wonderful nurse who goes above and beyond to help her patients. She has been working extra-long hours, while still raising her 2 amazing young children. She is always extremely positive even through this unknowing time.

Nominated by: Erika Brown 

5/7 Day 2 Winner: Jessica Baklarz

She loves to help others & she has this gentle way of dealing with people who are sick or who are hurt.  When I had my hip replacement, she helped me with everything & didn’t make me feel embarrassed about it.  She was very understanding.

Nominated by: Gloria Weaver

5/8 Day 3 Winner: Ted Rueffer
Critical Care RN working COVID unit
Ted is one of the most dedicated RN’s at — working only in Critical Care Units for the last 22 years.  He volunteers daily to take the most difficult patients and has worked on the COVID unit at — since the floor was opened and dedicated to taking care of critical positive COVID patients during the pandemic. He never complains about the difficulties he endures and is recognized by family members to —administration for his compassion and dedication. He is the true spirit of nursing going above and beyond every single day for his patients and their families.
Nominated by: Rebecca Davis

5/11 Day 4 Winner: Taryn Hurlbert

School Nurse, ICU

Taryn is a dedicated nurse committed to helping her community where the need is the greatest. She has been very flexible in taking on different roles to help those who have been affected by covid-19. She also loves her students and has been helping pack/deliver food to those in need as well as screening volunteers regularly. She has a great heart and a selfless attitude which makes her a great candidate for a token of appreciation.

Nominated by: Tom Hurlbert

5/12 Day 5 Winner: Nicholas Cobb
Nick became new father, moved into new home a few weeks before the shut down and has been dealing with all that goes with the virus.  His son’s grandparents haven’t been able to bond: only view him at a distance. His wife is also a nurse but off work. Nick is hard worker and could use some new furniture.
Nominated by: Linda Valleau

5/13 Day 6 Winner: Jessica Roth


Jessica is my future daughter in law. Every time we see her, you can see the concern in her face that this pandemic is keeping families from being together. Hopefully this all ends soon so we can give all the front line a great big hug!!

Nominated by Cheryl Harvey

5/14 Day 7 Winner: Raymond Jones

RN/Acute Rehab and Supervisor
Works with patients coming from hospital that have possibly been exposed to Covid19. Also, he deserves it!

Nominated by: Marsha Jones

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