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Inside The Kitchen at Sportsman’s Restaurant and Bar in Ludington

St. Patrick’s Day is Tuesday, March 17th.

One Irish-American restaurant is getting in the festive spirit March 14th.

Sportsman’s Restaurant and Bar in Ludington will have “kegs and eggs” in the morning with corned beef and hash, Guinness specials, and live music next door at The Mitten.

“A lot of people come here out of tradition,” said co-owner Brian Josefowicz.

He says one of the menu marvels that now keeps that tradition alive — the Reuben.

“It’s pretty much one of the most popular sandwiches we do,” he said. “It’s a pretty messy sandwich but it’s pretty good.”

Sportsman’s has been open since 1955.

Brian and his wife, Megan, took over in 2017.

“It kind of fell into our hands, the passion really is Brian’s and I just love the history and the family feel among the staff,” said Megan Josefowicz.

Because this restaurant has been all about family through more than six decades, and three generations.

“My grandma Ann and Grandma Hoyt opened it,” said Megan.

“It’s grown and evolved dramatically ever since my dad took it over in the 80’s, and my mom took it over in 2004,” she said.

No matter who in the family owned it, the pizza has been on the menu since the beginning.

“It’s a thin style pizza,” said Brian.

“Our pizza is one of the favorite items among our patrons, so it has been a family promise to never change the recipe, and we never will,” said Megan.

“Original sauce recipe since they opened in 1955 from Grandma Ann,” said Brian.

“Because we have those customers practically family they know if we even make the slightest change,” laughed Megan.

The recipes remain, but the walls have not all withstood.

“We used to run out of a kitchen that was the size of a closet, so this is like super nice,” Brain said.

“My mom would be really proud, she always dreamed of putting the windows up front and moving the kitchen,” said Megan.

Sportsman’s is still a staple in downtown Ludington, opening their doors to you for lunch dinner like you’re a part of the family, too.

“I grew up pretty much in here like running back in forth in the restaurant, just living here after school, the staff was my family and some of them have been here since then,” she said.

“You’re going to see a lot of locals and a lot of friendly faces, bring your family in,” encouraged Megan.

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