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Inside The Kitchen at L’Chayim Delicatessen in Beulah

Jonathan Clark grew up in Beulah, but noticed something was missing.

“I spent two years on the East Coast, there are Jewish delis all over New England and when I got back here obviously little Beulah didn’t have anything like it, so I started one,” he said.

A couple decades later….

“This runs pretty much all day long,” said Clark.

Making up to 100 pounds of dough at a time for L’Chayim’s endless varieties.

“Plain, poppy seed, salt, sesame, honey wheat, cheddar herb, Parmesan, everything, onion, cinnamon raisin,” he described.

David Scott and Jonathan opened the restaurant up in Beulah 28 years ago, and opened a Frankfort location about 9 years ago.

“We are just going to grab the bagels give them a small stretch and lay em on the board with all this cornmeal on them,” said Scott.

Cornmeal to keep from sticking, but we do want some things to stick.

A few bagels will get a topping, others a turn.

L’Chayim bakes up to 60 dozen bagels a day, making sandwiches any which way.

“With these bagels fresh out of the oven we are going to give it a quick toast, we are going to put cream cheese on top,” said Clark. “Here we go, schmear.”

And layered with locks.

“And there’s your lunch, eat!” he said.

L’Chayim makes the cream cheese in house, too.

Every meal is cut to order.

“There’s nothing pre-sliced and sitting around it’s all fresh,” he said.

“L’Chayim is Hebrew translated into English, it means ‘to life’ and it’s generally used as a toast instead of cheers it would be L’Chayim,” Clark said.

“It’s tangy it’s sweet, it’s the sauce, it’s the Russian sauce,” he said when describing the Reuben.

But when describing the business overall, he said “it’s great, it’s amazing, that’s why the two of us are still doing it because we love.”

L’Chayim is located at 274 S. Benzie Road in Beulah, where their number is 231-882-5221.

Their Frankfort location is 318 Main Street, and their number is 231-352-5220.