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Inside The Kitchen at Smoke and Porter Public House In Traverse City

The Smoke and Porter Public House in Traverse City certainly lives up to its name.

“We have our wings smoking away, we have some ribs for our pork and ribs, we have some sausages there, pork butts, brisket,” said owner and chef, Henry Bisson. “This is our grilled pork porterhouse.”

Owner Henry Bisson says the idea for the restaurant came from cooking in the backyard.

“You’re just burning up that campfire, that’s all there is to it,” he said.

Using oak and maple logs.

Hot off the grill, and served on top of more smoked, savory sides, like the smoked sweet potato puree, and topped with the brandy and cider glaze.

“We were able to bring in a lot of sweetness and acid through other components whether it’s the sweet potato, pickled apple,” he explained.

Even the butter is smoked for their homemade breads.

“Oh we aren’t done. We are just getting started,” Bisson said.

The beans pack a little extra punch.

“We cook off the beans, and the pan drippings, all that that comes off the brisket, the pork butts, whatever’s in there just flavors them up and adds another whole layer of intense flavor,” Bisson said.

For flavor and for sautéing.

“Unless someone asks for it differently, we are cooking with beef fat,” he said.

“These are our sprouts that have been on our menu since the beginning that everyone seems to not be able to get enough of,” Bisson said. “Once you’re in the industry things just kind of make sense, I have been doing this for 22 years now.”

All to be enjoyed in the dining room, as homemade as the food.

“A lot of it was a family business type thing, my wife was painting the walls, my kids were playing around with power tools,” he laughed.

It’s been around for the last five years, with an open door day and night.

“We just want anyone to come in whether they’re making $250,000 a year, same thing for the guy doing construction and making a living the real hard way,” he said. “The opportunity to have that same good food.”

Smoke and Porter is located at 1752 U.S. 31 North in Traverse City. You can call them at 231-642-5020.

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