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Inside The Kitchen At Stafford’s Pier Restaurant In Harbor Springs

Rob Sargent is the head chef at Stafford’s Pier Restaurant.

He brings Harbor Springs unbeatable plates, more than worthy of their own acronym.

“GBD, golden brown delicious,” Rob laughed.

While you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, The Pier has its specialty.

“So we are an up North fish house,” he said.

“It’s just something I really enjoying doing, I love to cook,” he said.

And you’ll love to eat it.
The scallops are finished with a balsamic sage brown butter, and some Fustini’s lemon olive oil.

“That is our hand-seared diver scallops with house-made gnocchi and root vegetables,” Rob said.

General Manager Jody Ewbank can second that.

“I will often buy the scallops that chef prepares and cook them on my day off, or I’ll just order scallops here and have them for dinner,” Jody said.

Also worth raving about is the calamari.

“I love it, ours is crispy and just melts in your mouth,” Jody said.

Each and every one hand battered and dunked.
The freshness can do all the talking here, but for a little flare, Rob adds sweet Asian Tai Chili Sauce.

“Top it off this is a sesame siracha aioli we make in house,” he said.

At Stafford’s Pier Restaurant you’re guaranteed a top-notch dinner, and a breathtaking view.

I can see from here to Petoskey on a beautiful day especially when the sun sets

“As we stand in this room here, we are literally on the water, this was built on pilings and this room actually housed three boats,” Jody said.

A meal and service you won’t soon forget.

“Going out to dinner is a complete experience, it’s not eating, its dining out,” she said.

Stafford’s Pier Restaurant is located at 102 E. Bay Street in Harbor Springs, and their phone number is 231-526-6201.

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