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Inside The Kitchen at State Road Provisions in Harbor Springs

State Road Provisions has been serving up meals that make up their eclectic menu for the just the past two months.

Owner Tawna Naturkas says the local support has been overwhelming.

“We were actually on an almost hour wait on our first night open, so that was a little crazy,” Tawna said.

One of their very first customers was Kelli Gokee.

“Opening day we had to come down and check it out,” Kelli said.

Per Kelli’s recommendation we came inside the kitchen at the new restaurant.

Head chef Cory Drost made sure we did not leave disappointed, starting with the seafood carbonara.

“It really focuses on quality seafood,” he said. “It balances the creaminess of the sauce, the richness of the egg, and obviously the lobster flavor that runs through the whole thing kind of matches out with the saltiness of the pancetta.”

Setting the bar high and only raising it higher with the next.

Chef Cory brings the punch to a mild-tasting Michigan whitefish.

“Which is why I went with the shrimp and sweet corn, it just adds a little sweetness, a little freshness,” he said. “So then I go down with a little citrus caper.”

And if you prefer the turf over the surf…

“We are going to do our three is company burger,” said Cory.

It’s made with three, third-pound burgers and Applewood smoked bacon.

“I actually brush these down with rendered rib eye fat instead of butter, just to add that little touch of something that doesn’t come standard,” he said.

Chef Cory calls the burger a balancing act.

“It doesn’t like to play nice,” he laughed.

The homemade onion rings will ensure the plate is filled as far horizontally as it is vertically.

Then the masterpiece is finished with a State Road Provisions stamp of approval.

A recommendation from a local…..

“The friendly environment the good food, it’s just a really nice place to be,” said Kelli.

To other locals and non-locals alike.

“Come on your snowmobile, come on your motorcycle, come in your ski boots, we are just happy to have people as they are and I think that’s why Harbor needed us,” said Tawna.

State Road Provisions could be reached at 231-526-7605, and found at 2983 S. State Street in Harbor Springs.

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