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Inside The Kitchen at North Bar in Luther

Just like a compass always points North, your taste buds will always point you to North Bar in Luther.

“The bar has been here longer than I have been alive,” said co-owner Rose Wetherell.

Rose has been sitting in these seats since she was a kid. Now, she owns it and spends more time inside the kitchen.

“We are going to start with the North Bar Omelet,” she said.

It’s made with ham, bacon, sausage, mushroom, onions, green pepper and hashbrowns.

Then topped with gravy recipe that cannot be replaced.

“They love the gravy, and if we change any ingredient in it they let us know, they let us know right off the bat, they like it the way it is,” she laughed. “Because we are local and kind of far away from your bigger towns we do everything.”

The Luther Burger starts with two half pound patties, then the stacking speaks for itself.

Six slices of bacon, four different cheeses, hand battered onion rings, grilled mushrooms and onions.

“Some people order it just because it’s a novelty…we have had people tell us we need to have something where we give them something if they finish they whole thing,” Rose said.

Saturday nights mean surf and turf.

“We have crabs, lobster, a few types of shrimp, you just choose what you want on your plate,” she said.

A full bar to wash it all down, or get your day started with Breakfast On The Pines shots. Some crown, orange juice, and maple syrup,  made by Rosie’s son, Isaac.

“It’s fun working with people you’ve looked up to your whole life,” Isaac Wilkins said.

At 7 a.m. or at 7 p.m. it’s no wonder North Bar in Luther is called the “locals’ living room.”

“Anyone that comes to visit, this is their first stop, so anyone who moves away, we get to see them usually before their own families,” Rose said.

North Bar in Luther is located at 216 State Street, and their phone number is 231-797-5318.

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