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Inside The Kitchen at RanDees Tavern in Tustin

RanDees Tavern in Tustin is great people, serving great food, and doing great things for their community.

For example, this month and next, everyone 65 and up gets free delivery, and people shut in their homes get free delivery year-round.

Taking portions very seriously, RanDees Tavern in Tustin has a sandwich called the Big Bobby!

“My husband, one of his great friend his name is Robert and they call him Bobby at work,” said owner Dee Eno.

Homemade ranch, chicken, bacon, more ranch, cheese….

But the varieties are limitless.

“We have this one, we have a Philly steak, a chicken cordon blue, you can make your own, and barbecue chicken,” she said.

Another big hit are the smoked burgers!

Dee’s husband Randy says they’re smoked for about an hour.

“We grind the meat ourselves, we make all the patties, we smoke and cook them right here, so it’s all done right here,” Randy Eno said.

Dee says the rub, makes A-plus grub.

“My husband’s rub that he puts on it, it’s the combination of the spice, the juiciness, and that smoked flavor,” she said.  “It’s like a melody in your mouth, fireworks going off.”

The big bobby and burger are both creations added to the menu since the start of RanDees when they only served pizza.

Pizza comes in all portions, including pizza balls.

“And then they get Parmesan as well, again calorie free!” Dee laughed.

Dee says she sells about a hundred a day.

Whether they’re to-go, or dine-in here, with an ice cold drink.

“We serve beer, wine and liquor which is the first time since 1933 in the town of Tustin,” said Dee. “There was no place to do that right in downtown.”

Now, you have RanDees Tavern. A home away from home.

“It is like the old time Cheers where you walk in and you know everyone’s name,” she said. “It is the best community I have ever lived in.”

RanDees also has a general store in the same building with produce and other essentials.

You can find RanDees at 106 Church Street in Tustin, and can call them at 231-829-3301.

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