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Inside The Kitchen at Little Boots Country Diner in Houghton Lake

“This is a big boy omelet,” said line cook at Little Boots Country Diner, Mario Quintanilla. “A little bit of sausage, mushroom, a little ham, a little onion.”

The Boss Hog Omelet is a hearty meal if you’re hungry on a cold winter day.

“I make sure when I make them their food I’m gonna present it like it’s for my family,” he said.

Also proving there’s big flavor at Little Boots in Houghton Lake — the Bobcat Burger.

“This is called a Bobcat Burger for our Bobcats, our local high school here,” he said. “Everyone takes Bobcat pride here very seriously.”

That includes the owner, Betsy Mead.

“Go Bobcats!” she said. “I went to Houghton Lake High School, so I was a Bobcat.”

The Bobcat Burger is basketed beside homemade, hand cut onion rings.

“Just enough to get a little dusting on them,” said Mario.

And to the fryer, but, back to the burger.

It is topped with mushrooms, onions, swiss, and A.1. sauce.

Leaving your taste buds eager for another bite and leaving your neighbors jealous.

Unless they ordered the caramel apple nut pancakes.

“My 94-year-old grandmother can eat the whole plate, they’re her absolute favorite,” said Betsy.

“We’re not shy about the batter,” said Mario.

Ginormous pancakes, little boots.

“My name is Betsy, and my dad used to call me ‘Bootsy,’ and so when we took over the restaurant ….we went with Little Boots and went with a fun western theme and you can drink out of a boot mug when you’re here,” she said.

Whether you’re a new-timer or a regular coming for the last 16 years.

“A lot of our customers are like family,” Betsy said.

“They’re the heartbeat of our little restaurant, they pretty much keep us going,” said Mario.

You can find Little Boots Country Diner at 6633 W Houghton Lake Drive, and can reach them by phone at 989-422-3253.

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