Husband and Wife Closer Than Ever After Christmas Eve Kidney Transplant

A Michigan couple is going into the New Year’s closer than ever after celebrating an incredible Christmas.

Vanessa and Logan Bosselar are together again after the doctors deemed their transplant a success.

The operation took place early Christmas Eve.

Doctors at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit removed Logan’s kidney and gave it to his wife Vanessa.

It was a potentially lifesaving gift for the 24-year-old who is battling stage 5 kidney disease.

“I got to see Vanessa when she rolled in. She was pretty out of it but it was just a relief to see her and know that she was ok,” said Logan.

It is also remarkable the young couple was healthy enough for surgery.

Two weeks ago, a crash caused their car to roll over four times.

They walked away with just minor injuries.

The Bosselars are also accepting donations to help with the high costs of the transplant.

If you would like to help, you can chip in through the National Foundation for Transplants by clicking here.

This story initially appeared on WOOD TV8. You can find their original post here