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Inside The Kitchen At Joe’s Coney Island in Houghton Lake

“There’s hundreds of Detroit-style sauces, but it’s Joe’s sauce that makes it special,” said head cook Jesse Bowen.

He said you can only find Joe’s sauce at in Houghton Lake.

“Our 30 year old sauce, that is hands down our secret weapon, bring everyone in here let’s feed them all coneys!” said Bowen.

And you can find that sauce slathered in your breakfast if you order Joe’s Omelet.

That’s named after owner, Joe Vandevelder.

“We do a lot of breakfast, our breakfast menu is the biggest, but we have burgers, chicken, pitas, we have gyros, our gyros are really good,” said Bowen.

Joe’s is serving savory dishes from before sunrise to after sunset, including the moonshine burger.

Loaded up with American — Swiss — onion rings — and cheddar.

“When I put it on over the onion rings it will run right over the burger,” he said.

Then topped with the moon shine sauce, sure to test your temptation.

“You’re going bite into and find it’s great and juicy, nice and crispy, that sauce is sweet and tangy,” he said.

Good news is you can take a bite for yourself pretty much whenever your taste buds tell you to.

“We are open seven days a week just waiting for you,” said Vandevelder.

You can find Joe’s Coney Island at 3900 W Houghton Lake Dr, and their number is 989-366-5568.

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