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Inside The Kitchen at Rosie’s Place in Bear Lake

“All our burgers are fresh paired half a pound,” said Michael Howard, the owner.

Half a pound and full of flavor, enough to earn Rosie’s Place in Bear Lake some hardware.

“Last year we won best burger in Manistee County,” said Howard, the owner.

Owner Michael Howard says he’s known for a long time they’ve had a burger that’s better than the rest.

“So now it’s like ‘hey, we know you got the burger in town’ it was wonderful,” he said.

Rosie’s Place also has homemade fries so tasty they bring up a group of women all the way from Grand Rapids on a regular basis.

“They walk through the door and the first thing we ask them is how many orders of French fries do they want,” he laughed.

And Rosie’s Place sure isn’t afraid to experiment.

“A burrito burger, a brunch burger, an island burger, a stroganoff burger, a Hawaiian burger,” he said.

The pizza is another magnet at Rosie’s, attracting people near and far.

“We cook up our own sausage,” he said. “The pizza sauce, the pizza dough, we haven’t changed that since we got it.”

Rosie’s Place has been around since the 1950’s.

Several different owners and several different names.

Michael kept the name “Rosie’s Place” when he bought it because his mother’s name is Rosie, as well as his wife’s aunt.

“They thought it was nice I left the name,” he said.

“It’s got a pesto sauce that we make here ourselves chicken which we roast ourselves and spinach and onion and tomato,” Howard said.

A meal worth cheers-ing to.

But there’s one thing Rosie’s Place is known for… Moose Nuts.

The original Rosie came up with the idea during one hunting season.

One of the hunters said ‘well let’s call ‘em Moose Nuts’ and the name stuck.

And irreplaceable name, for an irreplaceable restaurant.

Rosie’s Place is located at 9567 Chippewa Hwy, Bear Lake, and their number is (231) 889-4653.

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