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Inside The Kitchen at Michael’s Tavern & Steakhouse in Indian River

Whether you’re a carnivore, herbivore, or something in between, you’re guaranteed to be astonished by the menu at Michael’s Tavern and Steakhouse.

The noodles for the Vegan Tagliatelle are hand made every day, as is everything else.

“I like to know what is in everything,” said owner and chef Michael Wilp. “I like my guests to know that I know what they’re eating.”

He starts with four different types of mushrooms that were roasted with red wine and thyme, plus fresh zucchini.

As for the sauce…

“We take a little red pepper, and tomato, onion, garlic, carrot and puree it all down,” Michael said.

Michael fell in love with cooking a while back.

He has been cooking for about 17 years, since he was 16 years old.

Michael and his wife Maggie moved from Cincinnati to open Michael’s Tavern & Steakhouse in Indian River a little more than a year ago, piling up beautiful food on plates ever since.

“I always say you always eat with your eyes first,” he said.

He describes the Vegan Tagliatelle…

“The richness of the red pepper, and the acidity of the tomato, and a little balsamic in there to get the savory-ness of the pasta,” he said. “We have people that come in and say if we take it off the menu they won’t come back.”

Also worth coming back for, time and time again, any one of their steaks.

Chef Michael puts crab, bleu cheese, bacon, and carmelized onion on top of the cowboy cut bone-in ribeye.

“We always use the best we can get and we care about every dish that comes out the door and every guest that gets it, we prepare them better than anyone else in Michigan,” he said.

Always save room for dessert.

The oreo-stuffed donuts are the most popular dessert on the menu.

The only way to top a fantastic meal, with a cherry technically already on top in the homemade cherry sauce, is to deliver it in a decadent dining room.

“A little more cozy, a little more romantic, it has a nice Northern Michigan feel, yet it’s classy and charming at the same time,” Michael described.

A dream come true for your taste buds is a dream come true for Michael.

“It’s always been my dream to open my own restaurant one day and Michael’s is just an extension of our home to people who want to come dine with us,” Michael said.

You can find Michael’s Tavern & Steakhouse at 4653 S Straits Hwy, Indian River, MI 49749.

You can call at 231-238-2137.