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Inside The Kitchen at Timbers in Ludington

Timbers in Ludington has been bringing you your favorite dishes for years.

The restaurant sits overlooking the Lake Michigan shoreline, and even has specials when the S.S. Badger blows its horn.

General manager and chef at Timbers, David Hritcu, starts with the Traverse City whitefish. It’s locally sourced out of Lake Superior using local, dried cherries. He also says it’s a no-brainer to also use Michigan wine.

“We are right by the water we’ve got a beautiful view from both decks, it’s the freshest fish I could get, it just feels like home to me,” he said.

Scraping every last little bit off the pan onto the plate, the aroma fills the air.

“We are going to sear it on both sides and then slowly let it cook …to seal in the juices,” Hritcu said.

Timbers has not only the best food, but the best feel.

The name, and pictures on the wall, are a nod to the logging community Ludington once was.

“This is an outdoors-themed restaurant and that’s what Ludington is all about, it’s pure Michigan,” he said.

The Brandy Apple Porkchop satisfies all the senses.

“It smells like fall, it smells like porkchop, apples, it’ll smell like brandy in a minute,” he said.

Even though Dave can take the heat, he will still get out the kitchen, and bring the fire behind the bar.

“People love to see the theatrics of it all,” said Hritcu.

One of the waitresses with red hair, Dani, sparked the idea for the drink.

“They say it tastes like fall in a glass and that’s what I was aiming for,” he said.

“It’s rewarding because it’s been a lifetime pursuit of mine to make good food for the people that come into my dining room,” he said. “When my doors open, I feel like you’re a guest in my house and I want each experience to be that homely.”

is located at 320 S. James Street in Ludington, and you can call them at 231-425-9111.

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