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Inside The Kitchen at Scotty’s in Ludington



“It’s a choice rib eye, so basically prime rib also so we cut our own rib eyes, along with the sirloin and filets, they’re all hand cut in house,” said General Manager and Chef at Scotty’s in Ludington, Kyle Jensen.

“This place has a legacy of prime rib, it’s just what we are known for ya know,” he said.

Prime rib comes however you please, or even in omelets, soups, and sandwiches.

“It’s really good, it’s some of the best prime rib I’ve had honestly,” he said.

A meal more than worthy of the fist bump stamp of approval.

As are the variety of other plates at Scotty’s.

“Some of the classics, a lot of steak, seafood, try to go mostly Michigan-themed with the fish, lake perch, salmon, everything is hand battered,” said Kyle.

And the caper chicken.

“My wife actually came up with it, it sells really well. It’s one of our newer items,” said Kyle.

While he cooks the dish his wife thought up, he stands right next to his father.

“He’s shown me everything I’ve known,” said Kyle.

Kyle’s dad hired him when he was 16, and he’s been preparing meals in the pans ever since.

His dad likes to stir the pot too.

“I love capers so it’s a nice savory chicken,” Kyle’s wife and floor manager at Scotty’s, Kara Jensen, said as she described the dish.

Another idea Kara has implemented is bringing Michigan liquor to the bar.

“The top seller is a cherry old fashioned,” she said.

Perfect to wash down that creamy caper chicken.

Just like the food menu changes with the season, the drink menu does as well.

Dropping in drinks like the autumnal bourbon and caramel apple martini.

But one thing that will always remain the same….

“It’s just a staple in Ludington,” said Kyle.

You can find Scotty’s at 5910 US-10, or call them at 231-843-4033.