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Inside The Kitchen at Firehouse 115 in Cadillac



M-115 is home to many houses and businesses and now a new restaurant!

Firehouse 115 just opened about 3 months ago.

“I get up in the morning and you know it’s time to get that grill going, get them eggs cracked, I just love to do it,” said chef Ronnie Duncan.

The Southern Omelette is sure to impress.

“It’s got the country gravy and the sausage and the two ingredients come together and it just kind of explodes, like what’s in that, they don’t know what’s in that, it keeps them coming back,” she said.

People love eating the food, Ronnie loves making the food.

“I just love how people love it, it’s so good you know,” Ronnie said. “Grandma’s food was always homemade and of course my mother’s was too, I learned from an early age to cook right from scratch.”

Firehouse 115 will crush your cravings beyond breakfast, making about 40 coney dog dishes at lunchtime.

“It pizazzles in your mouth,” she laughed.

Manager of operations Gary Olszewski adds his own pizaz in to meals, like the Rueben.

“That’s something I take special pride in,” he said.

From the food to the decorations on the wall, everything is original.

The jaws of the life donated by the Chicago fire chief, the patches firemen take off their jackets while they’re in the restaurant, even photos of Gary, his daughter and son all serving with the department downstate at one point.

“It’s kind of a family group now,” he said.

They’ve taken the family job from putting out fires, to lighting them at the stove.

“Does stuff for the community but when you’re serving food it’s a different kind of service to the community,” he said.

You can reach Firehouse 115 at 231-444-6255, and find them at 6080 E, M-115, Cadillac, MI 49601.

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