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Inside The Kitchen At Charlevoix Pizza Company


The owner of Charlevoix Pizza Company first owned Town House Bar down the street.

The bar didn’t serve food so Charlevoix Pizza Company was created to bring food out their back door, to the bar.

Now it’s a Bridge Street staple!

“We have people that come in every day and get a pizza,” said owner John Murray.

Because when you get a quality pizza there’s not much that can stop you from coming back.

“The dough we make daily every day, we make, you know, a couple batches and we go through it quick so we keep having to make more and more,” said Samantha Chowen.

Samantha has been making the Supreme since Charlevoix Pizza Company opened more than two years ago.

“We only had these five things, and that’s all we served, so it just kind of carries on what we have been doing since we opened,” she said.

Flavorful and fresh are factors John says the restaurant started on and stayed on.

“We do a lot of stuff by hand all fresh every day,” he said. “We have a 32 spice proprietary blend for our sauces.”

“We do sausage every day and make it ourselves, and we do mushrooms every day and make it ourselves, so everything is really made with love, am I right,” laughed Samantha.

A little more cheese to hold the toppings together like glue and this timeless classic is ready for the oven.

“We serve a lot of boats downtown on Round Lake, we do walking deliveries from the bridge to the hill,” he said.

“We pretty much stuff this sandwich with everything we can put on a pizza, we have our meat, we have got our vegetables,” said Samantha about one of their signature sandwiches. “It comes together to make a fantastic flavor that kind of booms a little bit.”

John grew up in Charlevoix.

“I did graduate from Charlevoix high school,” he said.

Sam too.

“I grew up in Charlevoix my whole life,” she said.

They know first hand this place is exactly what Bridge Street needs.

Now they’ve really set a standard here from the food to the footwear.

“I even got pizza socks,” she said.

“Of course I do, they call me Johnny Pizza, yep there they are,” John laughed.

Charlevoix Pizza Company has a program called Feed It Forward.

You can pay $15 to put a ticket in the front window, and anyone in need could pick it up and get a free meal there.

Charlevoix Pizza Company is located at 311 Bridge Street, and their phone number is 231-437-6300.

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