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Inside The Kitchen at Tap Room 32 in Gaylord

First time and repeating customers alike all say Tap Room 32 has the best sushi in Gaylord.

“You can come get it fresh to order, just how you want it, we prepare for you,” said line cook Darryan Thompson.

And dunking the rice in water for a slam dunk spicy tuna roll every time.

Darryan says he can make 20 rolls in about 20 minutes.

Another hit – the TR 32 pasta.

“Since we put it on the menu, it took off, it’s one of our number one sellers right now,” said line cook Andrew Harris.

The taco plates have also been a visitor favorite.

The steak tacos are topped with both cilantro cream and sriracha cream.

All that savory needs to be washed down with a little sweet, like a martini with vodka, baileys, espresso, and a brownie rim.

A marvelous meal, an alluring atmosphere,  and manager Chris Coon says it won’t break the bank.

“Even though we provide an upscale eating experience it’s still affordable,” said Coon.

Whether you’re stopping in, or staying a while.

“It’s a nice gathering place you can come spend an hour or four hours,” he said.

Tap Room 32 is located at 140 W Main Street in Gaylord.

Their telephone number is 989-748-552.

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