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Inside The Kitchen at Grayling Restaurant


Since Grayling Restaurant opened in 1937 — the building has changed a bit.

But one thing about this place that always was and always will be,

It’s the Lumberjack Breakfast.

“Two eggs, soft potatoes, whatever meat you want, a little bit of toast,” said chef Jamey Harlend. “It’s always been the lumberjack for as long as I can remember anyway, and we decided to keep it that way because that’s what everybody likes,”

Why fix something that’s not broken.

Chef Jamey cooks it to perfection every time.

But if you’re in the mood for pancakes….

Just say the word and at the drop of a hat…

Chef Jamey will drop the batter

“And I’ll let those cook most of the way through so the cinnamon swirl doesn’t sink through,” he said. “To make it a sugar bomb douse it with some cinnamon sugar as well all done.”

50 percent breakfast, 50 percent dessert…100 percent delicious.

“It should be really, really warm and gooey the cinnamon should explode in your face,” he said.

From the down home food, to the people serving you, an experience at the restaurant almost a century old, it’s like being right at home.

Sarah is chef Jamey’s sister.

“I think the customers get a kick our of it, they hear our conversations behind the scenes so that’ll start conversations,” said Sarah Frisbie.

When the meal is complete and the plate is dressed it heads out the window.

But the window at Grayling Restaurant is more like a revolving door.

“It makes you feel really good, a lot of times I’ll actually have people come up to the window and say you did a good job,” he said.