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Inside The Kitchen at Pere Marquette Bistro and Catering in Reed City

“So welcome to our neighborhood,” said owner Deb Ahlich-Remus.

This kitchen inside Pere Marquette Bistro and Catering is where some of the best meals in town are made.

“Freshness, quality, quantity, friendliness, service with a smile, and you’re only a stranger once when you walk in the door,” she said.

From the hand sliced homemade chips to the baby spinach salad.

“This is a salad that started on our menu 15 years ago and it’s still on our menu,” she said. “The beauty about a lot of our menu is if you are vegetarian we can adapt it, if you’re vegan we can adapt it if you’re gluten free we can adapt it.”

Deb has been a chef for 30 plus years.

It’s passion she’s been mastered throughout the decades, starting

at the Osceola Inn.

“Started when I was 13,” she said.

The Inn closed, but with high demand still for their food at different functions, she started catering.

“Catering gets us out and we get to meet so many different people, we have met so many cool people over the years,” she said.

Then opened this restaurant in Reed City.

Deb says she can’t help but wonder as she walks the original hard wood floor and sees the original gold ceiling.

“Who else walked in front of you and how they walked and what they did and what their history is,” she said.

But no matter who you are or what your history is, everyone shares one thing here.

“We dot let anyone go away hungry,” she said.

And then some.

“To me it’s a compliment when you take a box with you,” said Deb.

Pere Marquette Bistro & Catering is located at 102 E Upton Avenue in Reed City, and you could call them at 231-832-9833.


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