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Inside The Kitchen At Reed City Brewing Company

Reed City Brewing Company just celebrated two years in business, but owner Kevin Murphy says it had been a long time coming.

“It was something we had been suited for, for years,” he said.

Proving to be a Reed City favorite and beyond.

“We have customers that are here from Wisconsin, every summer, two or three times a summer,” Murphy said.

Kitchen manager Danielle Bemis picks out each chip one by one for the pulled pork nachos — adding a layer of cheese — then round two.

“Chips cheese, chips cheese,” she said.

Making sure each bite is nothing but perfect.

“Kevin makes the pork also, it’s cooked overnight and it’s made with one of our house beers,” she said.

The pulled pork nacho has flavor that has you reaching ag

ain. And again. And again.

Much of the menu at Reed City Brewing Company is named after someone – like the Deanna

“It is a sandwich my wife created,” Murphy said.

“I think the combination of the turkey, the bacon, and the tomato, with all the melty cheese with it makes it so good,” Bemis said. “We have your basics but a lot of our stuff was created by Kevin and Deanna in their own little minds.”

Ten out of ten every time.

Reed City Brewing Company can be found at 141 W Upton Avenue, and their number is 231-465-4222.

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