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Inside The Kitchen At TJ’s Pub in Manistee

In a place where history lies in every inch of the room, there’s a meal at TJ’s Pub that will earn its own chapter in your history book.

Owner Lindsey Swidorski can attest.

“A small quirky little pub in downtown Manistee,” is how she describes it. “We also have the Ramsdell Inn which is above us.”

And back behind the scenes — bar manager and chef Mike Adams is busy.

“It’s our TJ’s club so our marvel rye Applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, our local homemade chipotle aioli sauce,” said Adams.

Mike has put plenty of meals together.

“I’ve worked in a restaurant since I was 14,” he said.

But he says the friendly staff is what makes TJ’s Pub stand out above all the rest.

Superb service and savory sandwiches make for a winning combination.

Like magnets – like it was meant to be – two pieces become one.

Maybe you’re more of a pasta guy or gal and here at TJ’s Pub that’s more than okay.

Their Chicken Alfredo is dish asked for time and time again.

But one thing all the meals here have in common…

“Fresh, nothing deep fried, burgers only on Wednesday’s not like most people’s menus, we don’t have fries,” said Adams.

The ooey, gooey pasta falls from the pan to the plate.

“This will be topped with our chicken and our five cheese blend,” he said.

Now that’s pasta.

And paired perfectly by the fire with a different specialty cocktail every day, you can’t beat it.

“This is Manistee’s little hidden gem.”

You can find in Manistee at 399 River Street in Manistee and you can call them at 231-398-9174.