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Inside The Kitchen At Taco ‘Bout It Mexican Fusion in Manistee

The tacos being the talk of the town are what brought Taco ‘Bout It Mexican Fusion from a food truck to a brick and mortar location.

“It’s like a dream,” said owner and chef, Octavio Hernandez.

Specifically the fried cheese and avocado.

“That’s what made us what we are now,” he said.

Tavo learned everything he knows from his late mother.

“I always remember her when I am doing tortilla,” he said.

Because a tasty taco starts with a true tortilla.

Hit that taco with a little onion, cilantro and homemade salsa.

The Hawaiian Taco is another hit.

“That’s the fusion part of it, the fusion part, get out of the box and give them something different,” he said.

Every great chef has a great sous chef.

And in a restaurant where homemade is the standard, so is tradition through the generations.

“This is my son he’s 16 years old, he’s been with me for a while, said Tavo.

“He’s actually super laid back especially for a chef I think you can consider him the nicest chef,” Adrian Hernandez said.

“He’s a better chef than I am,” Tavo laughed.

Keeping it close in the family, Tavo’s wife helps cultivate these exclusive creations.

“I bring the more traditional flavors, I remember my mom cooking, my aunts and my grandma, but she gets crazier and like what happens if we get this and this,” said Tavo.

While never forgetting where the passion was first ignited.

Taco ‘Bout It Mexican Fusion is located at 344 River Street in Manistee.