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Inside The Kitchen At Knot Just A Bar At Bay Harbor

“We do everything from burgers to fried food, to higher end items, we kinda do it all, we like to take care of everyone,” said kitchen manager Louie Roman.

However, every restaurant has that go-to, gotta have it meal.

“We are going to make our most popular item, it’s our perch cone,” he said.

Roman sets the fries into oil, then it’s go time.

A dunk in beer batter then a quick toss in seasoned flour….

Then that is straight to the fryer too.

“We are about four minutes out,” he said.

But he’s busy in those four minutes, preparing plenty of other meals to prove this place is not just a bar.

Roman says Tuscan campanelle with shrimp is up next.

“First things first, you ain’t cooking if you ain’t hot,” he said.

Some white wine, lemon juice, butter, sun dried tomatoes, heavy cream, Parmesan, and of course…

“Never enough garlic,” said Roman.

But timing is key so it’s back to the perch.

“The next step this is kind of what we are known for, it’s our famous cone,” he said. “This will be a balancing factor, so throw it on the best you can, make it balance.”

And it’s not ready to head out of the kitchen at Knot Just A Bar until the ultimate test…

“Alright a little shake test,” he said.

A meal you will not soon forget.

Knot Just A Bar has two locations:

820 Front Street, Bay Harbor, MI, 49770

5019 N West Bay Shore Drive, Omena, MI 49674

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