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Inside The Kitchen At Sage Inside The Odawa Casino

The stomach growling stops here at Sage right inside the Odawa Casino in Petoskey.

Chef Michael Bodjiak is at the helm of the kitchen building the most brilliant dishes.

One dish is  seared scallops.

“The scallops give it a taste of the ocean,” Bodjiak said.

They’re served on top of rice noodles in Thai chili sauce.

Some dishes have been long-time favorites on the menu.

But you can almost always count on something you haven’t seen.

“I get a lot of crazy ideas a lot of hair brain ideas,” he laughed.

All however perfectly plated and totally tasteful.

“This is one of our better sellers, it’s an outstanding item as you are about to find out,” he said.

But every dish at sage is like being dealt a winning hand.

It makes perfect sense for a chef with this much experience.

“I have worked in 11 different states, resorts, casinos,” said Bodjiak.

He also makes a mean seafood pasta.

“We have lobster, mussels, clams, shrimp and scallops,” he said. “Again we want to kick this baby up, so tobacco isn’t hot sauce but it’s a lot of flavor.”

The gambling ends right when you walk out of the casino and through the dining room at Sage, because any order would be worth betting all your chips.