Sand Lake Residents Shaken Up After Deadly Tubing Accident

People living around a local lake are witnesses to a tubing accident that turned deadly. 

A boat was pulling a tube when it made a sharp turn. 
A woman on the tube went flying into the side of another boat at its dock. 

From there the boat smashed into another boat at a nearby dock  on Sand Lake in Clare County on Sunday. 

The pair are related, but investigators aren’t saying how.
 We talked to several people living around Sand Lake, many shaken up over what happened. 
"I thought I was dreaming it but then i woke up, all I wanted to know was if the girl was alive. Just kept replaying it in my head," Kaylee Pinter said. 

Details of the crash are still playing through Kaylee Pinter’s mind. She was near her dock, when a woman flew off a tube and into the side of a boat just a couple houses down. 

"All I was thinking of in my head was what if I got hit because when the girls fell off he was coming straight towards me and I was wondering if he was going to hit me but he turned," she said. 

The driver then smashed into Kaylee’s boat. 
She says she’s seen the driver come too close before.

"He does it a lot. Like we have this little dock that floats and my sister and cousins will go on it and he will go back in the middle of us in the boat and he will come so close to shore all the time it’s horrible," she said. 

The DNR is still piecing together exactly what happened. 

"The claim was there was a wave that popped up and the boat turned sharp and there are rules and regulations about how far away a boat needs to be so that’s one thing that will be looked at. We always think of the fun that can be had on the water but we have to think of the safety precautions as well," said Lt. Brandon Kieft. 
There was also a teenager on the tube who is OK. 
Right now no one has been arrested.