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Fire Crews Battle Blaze For Hours, Save Structure of Historic Mackinac Island Home

Promo Image: Fire Crews Battle Blaze For Hours, Save Structure of Historic Mackinac Island Home

A historic Mackinac Island home almost destroyed. Crews are working to clean-up and rebuild after a fire caused serious damage.

The fire happened at the Lakewood Cottage located on Main Street.        

The owners were not home at the time of the fire, the cause is still unknown.    

9&10’s Aaron Parseghian is on Mackinac Island where he talked to some of the firefighters who worked tirelessly to save the structure.

Lakewood Cottage suffered extensive damage after a fire Thursday night, the fire chief on Mackinac Island tells us it’s one of the worst fires he’s seen since he’s been on staff.

“When we finally got there the entire house, third floor to bottom floor, was already filled with smoke,” says Chief Jason St. Onge.

Responding to the call in seconds, the island fire department went in to find the root of the fire.

“It was hard to find and with that building being as old as it is, the construction and design of it, a fire was easy to spread,” said Assistant Fire Chief Ben Mosley.

Crews had to force their way in after the main floor of the home collapsed.

Firefighters from St. Ignace, Inverness Township and Mackinac County ferried over to help.

“They got there really quick. The success of the extinguishment was tremendously based upon St. Ignace’s arrival, as Mackinac Island firefighters were completely gassed, completely winded when help arrived, they couldn’t go on much longer,” added St. Onge.

After seven hours the scene was clear. Two firefighters were injured, Justin Bazinau will need surgery to repair a severed tendon.

“I pulled the glass out myself, and saw the blood, and realized how bad it was and I couldn’t move my thumb. I guess it could be worse, they can fix a hand, but they can’t bring a life back,” said Bazinau.

The fire crew’s effort saved the historic home’s structure.

“We are very proud of the department. It could have been much more tragic, but it turned out well, the firemen saved the structure and no one was severely injured and for that we are very grateful,” said Mayor Margaret Doud, a relative of the homeowner.