Hometown Tourist: Urban Oasis Salt Spa in Traverse City

Halotherapy uses Himalayan sea salt to treat allergies, asthma or dermatological issues.

It’s led to the new trend of going to salt spas, and there’s a new one in Traverse City.

We take you to Urban Oasis Salt Spa this week’s Hometown Tourist.

 “It’s called halotherapy and halo means salt in Greek so its salt therapy. They have them all over Europe now, different salt rooms and now they’ve just reached the U.S, it hasn’t been here very long, there’s less than 200 and I think we’re the 3rd one in Michigan,” said Carol Saxton, Owner.

Himalayan salt, pink, tiny particles that you may have seen in a lamp in some homes are now trending in large rooms like this.

“You lay there for 45 minutes, inhale the salt into your lungs, it’s anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and it helps to really clean out your respiratory system if you have allergies. We are simulating the salt cave environment and it’s climate controlled between 70 and 74 degrees,” said Saxton.

A salt generator pumps particles in to the air you can subtly taste.

 You’ll find 14,000 pounds of the pure, nutrient rich Himalayan salt in a room and there’s even a kids room.

“We have soft lighting that can change depending on what color you like, we have purples, greens, blues, oranges and just white and we have Himalayan salt blocks and also panels, bricks on the walls that are lit from behind,” said Carol.

Carol and her husband tried it on vacation and never looked back.

“I actually was skeptical at first because it well how can just regular salt have these kinds of benefits to overall wellness and I actually didn’t realize it until I sat in one.  I came out my air passages were cleared up I just felt like things were clearer I could breathe easier,” recalled Carol. 

The trend continues with massages, saunas, facials and even yoga classes all with Himalayan sea salt — and you can take some home with you as a lamp or a care package.

“It’s all natural, it’s not harmful to your system, I would suggest that if you have any chronic condition that you do check with your physician first to get his OK but other than that its completely pure its completely natural,” noted Carol.

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