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Michigan Travelers Concerned After Incident At Flint Airport

Promo Image: Michigan Travelers Concerned After Incident At Flint Airport

Cherry Capital Airport is assuring passengers they’re not in danger after Wednesday’s attack in Flint.

The airport is not stepping up security yet because there are no specific threats.

9&10’s Whitney Amann continues our team coverage with local reaction.

“It’s sad, it’s scary,” said Gary Schimunek.

An alarming incident at the Flint airport has some worried.

“I travel quite a bit for work and it’s just something that you don’t really think about as you travel, it’s a little disconcerting that it happened in a smaller airport so that worries me a little bit but it’s not going to stop me from traveling as much as I do already,” said Andrew Smith.

However, many agree it could happen anywhere.

“Things are happening all the time, the country’s gotten a lot crazier,” said Schimunek. “We could be sitting here and who knows what could happen and I think if we hide from stuff it’s not going to help the world out anymore.”

What happened Wednesday, will not stop them from traveling but they do have heightened concern about what has been going on.

“I feel sorry, I hope the man recovers, you hope that he recovers and that they maybe find out why it happened,” said Bambi Huyler.

“I’m not going to live in fear of traveling,” said Charlie Goldman.

“I mean if it happens in Flint Michigan it can happen absolutely anyplace, which it does,” said Huyler.