Cheboygan Life Support Awarded Grant for New Lifesaving Equipment

New equipment is coming to Cheboygan County after they received a federal grant.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) awarded a nearly $160,000 grant to Cheboygan Life Support to buy new power cots.

The new cots can lift up to 700 pounds by the push of a button.

Cheboygan Life Support says the money will cover four new cots.

The director of Cheboygan Life Support hopes it will make the job easier for them.

"We had a couple of career ending back injuries where people are now on social security disability because it ended their careers," Cheboygan County Life Support director Dallas Hyde said. "They blew out enough discs all at once that they could never lift over 30 pounds again, so this is to help prevent that from happening again."

They hope to make a purchase by June.

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