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Traverse City Coast Guard Auxiliary Hosts Navigational Charting Class

With boating season only a few weeks away, it’s important to know how to navigate in the water.

The Traverse City Coast Guard Auxiliary held a navigational charting class on Thursday night.

It was a beginner level class for those wanting to travel by water.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary wants to stress the importance of boating safety and to remember GPS should not be your only guide.

You should always have charts and maps for emergencies.

“Everyone should really know how to use the charts and should buy the charts and should study them because there’s so much information in there,” said Dianne Walker, head of Public Education for the Traverse City Coast Guard Auxiliary. “Where GPS, something can go wrong, your battery can die and so it’s really I think a great tool for all kinds of boaters.”

For more information and upcoming classes, contact Dianne Walker at 231-883-8040 or .

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