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A Heartwarming Welcome Home To Johannesburg After Being Deployed For Nine Months

“It was definitely very heartwarming.”

A hero’s welcome.

This heartwarming gesture by a Northern Michigan community to welcome a soldier home from serving overseas.

Wyatt Pelton is in his hometown for a few weeks after being deployed to Iraq and Kuwait for the past nine months.

He welcomed home with this sign after being deployed for nine months and the J-L area schools is one of the reasons he made the decision to join the army.

"Johannesburg’s been a fantastic school all the way through his freshman year until he graduated,” said his father Robert Pelton. “They kind of gave him the tools he needed to succeed."

Wyatt’s high school and the community he grew up in played a big part in his life and he is thankful to have their support through it all.

"I felt very fortunate to have such a community like this that you come home and they have arms wide open welcoming you back; just same with my family too, it’s just nice to see and it made coming home that much better," said Wyatt.

Although he worked twelve hours a day, seven days a week, serving his country as a drone operator fulfills a dream he has always had.

"I always wanted to be a helicopter pilot and I talked to the army about it, ended up not working out that way, but they offered me this job and I’m definitely glad I took it, I really enjoy what I do," said Wyatt.

Wyatt plans to make a career out of the army and continue his service.

Although having their son in the army can be hard at times, his parents are proud of him and grateful for the continuous support from their community.

"It’s just, it’s a wonderful community and when he went to school here it was a great school district for him to be in obviously and lots of support then and still obviously ongoing now so it’s great to be part of it," said his mother Dana Pelton.

"One of the things that helped is knowing that he was doing something for the country that I will never do in my lifetime so, pretty proud," said Robert.