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Inside the Kitchen: Bistro FouFou in Traverse City

French fine dining can sometimes be thought of as stuffy, maybe even pretentious.

At Bistro FouFou, forget everything you may have thought, because here, that is anything but the case.

Chef/Owner Guillaume Hazael-Massieux breaks down barriers, bringing us a simplistic, wholesome, approachable way of enjoying great French food.

A tall task for which Hazael-Massieux is well-equipped: he studied under legendary chef Paul Bocuse, who essentially wrote the book on modern French cuisine, during his time in Lyon.

His bistro has become a destination for oysters, as well as French home-style favorites such as bistro chique steak frites, bouillabaisse, pork three ways, sweet potato gnocchi, in addition to the occasional game.

The wine selection is enormous!

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